Want to launch your own branch? Here's how:

If you can’t find a branch that has your position open, consider starting your own branch.

  • Do you already have a core group of friends (at least 5-10 people) who would build a branch with you?
  • Are you willing to be a leader and attend weekly GROW meetings?
  • Starting a new branch is a serious time commitment, that is well worth the investment.
  • Do you have the time to contribute to starting a branch?
  • Are to ready to GROW your business network and make new friends?
  • Do you have a potential meeting place and time in mind?
  • Are you ready to follow the GROW system to build your business?

Want to start a branch?

  1. Visit a Branch
  2. Contact Us – Fill out the form on this page
  3. Find 5 Committed Friends
  4. Join
  5. Complete Branch Builder
  6. Find Your Next 5 Members
  7. Start Your Weekly Meetings