As a member of GROW, in addition to networking and referral opportunities, you’re part of a trade exchange. You can buy from and sell to any other member using GROW dollars.

Here’s how it works. When another member buys your goods or services, your account is credited for the amount of the transaction in GROW dollars. You can then spend those trade dollars with any member of GROW. This eliminates the problem of direct trading, where both parties must want each other’s services simultaneously.

Buy and sell from other GROW members. Here's how:

The biggest advantage is new business. Trade provides you with new clients, so you can expand your market. Trade also increases cash flow, since you can trade goods and services for what you need instead of spending cash. In addition, trade allows you to put idle resources to work. Excess time, inventory and capacity can be converted into additional revenue — extra profit you may never have realized otherwise.

Trading one-on-one with other businesses is very time-consuming — and each party must have something the other needs or wants. GROW makes trading much more efficient. Whenever anyone purchases something from your business through GROW, your account is credited with GROW Dollars, which can then be spent on any item or service with any other member.

No, certain professional categories/services are not allowed to trade on the GROW network. Some of the professional categories/services that are excluded are realty/brokerage services, insurances services and financial planning/investing services.

Only active GROW branch and affiliate members can trade.

GROW does not charge additional cash fees to trade. GROW charges a 5% transaction fee to the seller in trade when they process a transaction. The 5% transaction fee is deducted automatically when the transaction is authorized. If a member charges another member $100 Trade Dollars for a product or service, the seller will pay $5 Trade Dollars and have $95 Trade Dollars in their account after the transaction is authorized.

If you can’t find what you’d like from a member, just contact GROW. We’ll either help you find a member who offers what you’re looking for, or we’ll actively recruit new members who do.

GROW will often extend an interest-free credit line to its members, on a case-by-case basis.

Every member is expected to trade their goods and services at their normal cash rates. If you offer special promotions or discounts to your cash customers, you are not obligated to make those same offers available to trade customers.

GROW makes it simple. At the end of the year, we add up all your barter transactions and submit the total to the IRS using form 1099B. Taxes apply just as if the barter sales and purchases were made in cash.

Sales tax and tips should NOT be paid with trade and cannot be processed through GROW.

$2000 TRADE per year is the minimum suggested transaction volume for active trading members.

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