Team GROW Podcast

Team GROW Podcast

Networking at its finest. Join one of the most exciting podcasts in Louisville as we take a deeper dive at local businesses and tell their stories! Hosted by Brandon Fields of Twin Spires Remodeling, and Robert Johnstone of Wayne Media Group and Speakeasy Podcast Network.

Latest Episodes

Episode 1: Ben Robbins

On this weeks episode of the Team GROW Podcast: Ben Robbins sits down with Brandon Field to talk about the start of Team Grow, and how the new networking company is shaking up th Louisville market.

Episode 2: Joey Craig

On this weeks episode: Joey Craig joins the podcast to talk about his dealership and how they serve customers differently.

Episode 3: John Poynter

This week, Brandon Fields interviews John Poynter from Century Living. John talks about how Century provides exceptional service to individuals and businesses in the cabinets, remodeling, audio/video, home entertainment, and more!
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Episode 4: Rob Johnson

This week, Brandon Fields sits down with Rob Johnson, founder of Wayne Media Group. They talk about marketing & advertising in the modern era and how businesses can make a significant impact for less than the price of an employee.

Episode 5: Jeff Ratanapool

This week, Brandon Fields sits down with Jeff Ratanapool from Stockton Mortgage. They discuss the current state of the mortgage industry and how to provide top-level customer service to people going through a big life choice.

Episode 6: Sean Garber

This week, Brandon Fields sits down with Sean Garber, founder of Grade A Autoparts. They talk about Sean's experience growing his business through taking risks, investment in people, and a "4 Corners" principle system.

Episode 7: Twin Spires Remodeling

Rob Johnson takes over as host, talking with Brandon Fields and Brandon Buttorf of Twin Spire Remodeling.

Episode 8: Amanda Breslin

This week, Brandon Fields sits down with Amanda Breslin, GROW Ambassador and co-owner of Triple Crown Mortgage. They talk about how GROW is creating a new buzz around networking, and how Triple Crown Mortgage has made a celebratory experience for their clients.

Episode 9: Elisa Withrow

This week, Brandon Fields sits down with Elisa Withrow. Elisa talks about synergy, teamwork, and processes geared around your "why"; all which it takes to achieve your goals.

Episode 10: Krista Bicer

This week, Robert Johnstone sits down with Krista Bicer. They talk about harnessing your strengths, the power of serving with a contribution-based mindset, and rooting on the underdog.

Episode 11: Building A GROW Networking Branch

Robert Johnstone of Wayne Media Group sits down with Co-Founder of the GROW Networking Company, Ben Robbins. Robert and Ben talk about what distinguishes GROW from other business networking organizations and lead/referral groups. Ben also lays out how easy it is to form your own GROW Branch for business owners that are ready to start growing their network and business.

Episode 12: John Steele

Robert Johnstone sits down with John Steele this week. John tells the story of finding his lane and using his collective experience to captilize on opportunities. Robert and John highlight how educating your clients builds trust and loyalty, as well as motivating your employees through a positive work environment and recognizing individuality.

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