The heart of the GROW experience and a core part of the value it provides are our weekly branch meetings. These are run by the Board with the President, Sergeant at Arms, and GROW Chair following a set agenda using proprietary software.

A commitment to weekly attendance is key to getting the most from your GROW membership. At every meeting, the members will introduce themselves and their companies, then spend time together as a group and in smaller breakout sessions.

This format allows you to keep up with all members of the group, but also to take a deeper dive with an individual or smaller set of members to build the kinds of personal relationships that can nourish and support both you and your business over the long term.

Members also have the opportunity to explore other groups or "branches." If your industry or classification is not represented in another branch, you can visit their meetings as well. This has a real multiplier effect on your membership, helping you make more and deeper connections.

Each branch decides where they will meet, whether there is a meal, and if there is an additional charge for that above and beyond the annual GROW membership fee. If so, those fees are separate and are payable directly to the branch.

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In addition to the weekly events, there are regular monthly gatherings where we bring all the branches and affiliates together to one member’s location. This allows us to network across branches and leverage your membership by creating opportunities to form relationships with other GROW members. If you are interested in hosting a GROW monthly meeting, please reach out to the officers of your branch or your regional influencer.